Why Three Little Ducks Hawaii?

   Three Little Ducks Hawaii is the only company based on Oahu that offers infant massage, baby motor classes, and physical therapy services. We specialize in serving infants and children across the island of Oahu, and specialize in serving Kailua, Kaneohe, Waimānalo, Hawaii Kai, and Kaka'ako. 

What is the difference between baby motor classes and physical therapy treatments?

   Baby motor classes teach strategies that target motor milestones for a targeted age group and can apply to the generalized public. Physical therapy is a highly individualized service that involves a comprehensive evaluation, assessment, and plan of care before treatment begins. 

   If you have any questions or concerns about which option would be the best route for you and your baby, please feel free to contact the TLD team.

Can grandparents, dads, or other family members take TLD classes?

     Of course! We welcome any family member or caregiver to take a Three Little Ducks class. Our classes empower any important person in a baby's life to be more equipped and comfortable playing with their special little one. 

Can I gift a motor class or infant massage session?

      Yes, we offer a gift card option under the services tab. You can buy by the increments or reach out to us to purchase a gift card for a more specific amount. 

What form of payment do you accept?

   We accept payment in form of cash, check, or card. 

Where do you offer your services?

    At this time, we are offering concierge, in-home private services. 



Does my child need physical therapy?

   If you have concerns about your child's gross motor skills, motor milestones, strength, balance, coordination, motor planning, endurance, or gait pattern, a physical therapy evaluation can provide helpful insights and offer solutions/plans to address concerns and ensure the opportunity for your child to achieve success. 

Do you accept insurance?

    YES! We accept Kaiser, Kaiser Quest, HMSA, HMSA Quest, HMAA, and UHA! Reach out to your pediatrician for a referral to Three Little Ducks and start baby’s developmental journey today!

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