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Three Little Ducks

Spring Series Baby Class

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Spring Series: March 25th- April 29th

The 'Little Duck and Me' baby classes have been developed for babies between the ages of 3 months- 12 months

Classes are 1 hour long. Each baby can be accompanied by 2 adults. 

Honolulu - Arthur Murray Dance Center at 10am AND 11am

Kaneohe- Capeiora Besuoro at 2:30pm

Parents and caregivers will learn 

  • strategies to help their infant progress development
  • infant equipment/toy recommendations
  • tips to make play time fun for infant and adult
  • the importance of symmetry with movement
  • gain community with parents with same-aged children

Babies will learn

    • Play skills targeted for their unique stage of infancy
    • Communication skills between parent/caregiver and baby
    • Social skills with other babies

Classes are led by pediatric experts! 

  • Dr. Suma Metla- Pediatric physical therapist
  • Dana Wetmore- Pediatric speech therapist
  • Abby Harris- Pediatric occupational therapist


Become part of the Three Little Ducks community

  • receive exclusive invites to Three Little Ducks parties
  • become a part of a community of new parents
  • opportunity to create friendships for you and baby

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