About TLD

Based on Oahu, Hawaii

Three Little Ducks is aimed at empowering new parents to have the skills to support their child’s development through infant massage coaching, baby classes, and pediatric physical therapy services. 

Three Little Ducks was formed to teach parents, caregivers, infants, and children the tools to develop play skills and meet developmental milestones.

The programs developed by Three Little Ducks offer parents and caregivers the insight and knowledge of a pediatric physical therapist.

From the time babies are born, they are growing and learning how to move. This is known as motor development. Gross motor skills include movements that involve large muscle groups like rolling, sitting, standing, and walking. As gross motor play develops it helps foster skills that then support foundational skills for fine motor development, speech and language development, feeding skills, and socialization skills.

Motor development generally happens in a specific order as studied by evidence-based practice. Caregivers and parents have the opportunity to foster or possibly impede motor development. With the abundance of information available to parents online and on social media, it is often difficult for them to sift through and understand what is the best way to support their infant in the early stages of their development. Three Little Ducks provides easy, safe, and fun access to an expert pediatric physical therapist, Dr. Suma Metla, to guide parents in helping their child meet developmental milestones.


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